STRAPPLE WASEDA JIU-JITSU ACADEMY HIRUMA-DOJO Tokyo Bunkyo-Ku Edogawabashi,Shinjuku-ku Kagurazaka

Please bring the following with you when enrolling

1. Completed Application Form. This can be obtained from HIRUMA DOJO.

2. Enrollment Fee (Cash).

3. Two Month’s Membership Fee.

4.For Japanese Bank Account holders:Account number

5.Seal for bank account

Free Trial Lessons
Interested people may join one of our group classes for a free trial lesson.

Joining Fee 10,000JPY + tax

Fulltime Membership 10,000JPY + tax
 You are able to attend all classes

8Day Membership 8,000JPY + tax
 You are able to train to 8 days a month.

Women's Membership 8,000JPY + tax
 You are able to attend all classes

Kimono Rental(with Towel) 1,000JPY

Membership Suspension
Resigning Membership
Changing Membership

Temporary suspension of membership will incur a 2,000JPY/month administration charge. Resignation where membership is in arrears cannot be accepted. In all cases please make requests before the 10th of the previous month. For example, if you wish to resign or change membership at the end of February, please notify us by January 10th.

If you hurt your practice partner, you may be prohibited from participating in the practice for a certain period.